Sunday, October 23, 2005

9/30 - 10/1/2005

Before beginning our two-week trip around Lake Superior, we stopped at some of the local attractions and chatted with some familiar friends. The most important element of visiting Munising is being able to stay at my favorite motel, The Sunset Motel on the Bay. With a room there, I know the view will be spectacular, even when I'm sitting in bed looking out the window! It's primo! And an absolute must is a meal at The Dogpatch Restaurant and Lounge, where the salad alone is among the top-notch meals I've had.

Horseshoe Falls

Wagner Falls

Some ducks at the city dock in Munising. (There actually were three ducks there, all bobbing in sync, but I couldn't get the third one in the frame with the other two.)

Munising Falls

Miners Castle

An iron ore ship making the final of two annual runs to the paper mill in Munising.

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