Sunday, October 23, 2005


We awoke in Ashland to a cloudy, windy, rainy day, and The Weather Channel promised a near monsoon to compliment our day. This was okay, because I had slotted the day to visit Ashland shops and drive up to Bayfield, where we'd settle in for the night.

Not so surprising if you know me, we zipped through most of the shops and found ourselves spending a costly long time in a particular shop where we found the owner, his dog, and new puppy to visit. The puppy, Ozzy, was a 4- or 5-week-old Am. Staff., brindle, and he looked so much like my dog did as a puppy, I couldn't tear myself away from this little guy. The full grown dog, of no relation, was also a brindle Am. Staff., and could've been a sibling of my dog as well. For the first time since departing, I really, really missed my dog.

From there we drove up to Bayfield, which was less scenic in the dingy grey rain. I do love rain, passionately and deeply, but this weather was just blustery and unpleasant, with no end in sight. We found a room at
The Seagull Bay Motel, and were delighted with the privacy, scenery and friendly proprietor. Despite the weather, we were also able to visit some local shops, an orchard and have dinner at a local landmark, Maggie's. You have to have a high tolerance pink and pink flamingos, because the polenta fries have to be tasted! Surely in the summer this town is a bustling mecca of preppy boaters and wealthy vacationers who can drop $1,500 on a woven rug with a Nordic flare, which happens to be made in China. Other towns in Wisconsin regard Bayfield as a bit snobby, which I didn't notice, but it felt like it was trying to appeal to the upscale traveler. Regardless, it seems a delightful town with crafters aplenty, orchards everywhere and a view to be envied. Unfortunately, we spent little time enjoying it due to the weather, and we called it a night after some hearty reruns of Law and Order.

(I took no pictures because it was too wet and windy to get out of the car.)

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Anonymous said...

I never believed about the autumn colours in the US before - they're wonderful. But I can't believe you didn't take a picture of the dog!

This tour is great.