Saturday, June 24, 2006

Munising, 2006

On 6/9/2006, Boyfriend Extraordinaire and I embarked on our summer trip to Munising, Michigan, my favorite place on earth. With an unusual luxury of renting a house for the stay, we were spoiled and lazy most of the time, filling in the long days with some adventures and some basking. The weather was great, despite my complaints about the heat, sun and my uncharacteristic tan, and I really wouldn't have changed anything if I could.

We were supposed to be home on 6/18, but as is usually the case, we dawdled too much and couldn't make it back in time, despite the really long daylight hours and the strict budget. We stayed an extra night and finally returned home on 6/19.

Our photos and stories follow.


Anonymous said...

Quote: (We did wave west toward Oconto Falls, which is the hometown of one of my sweet readers, who was transplanted to Texas. This is now a tradition as well.)

You're awesome!! And in thanks, I will tell you I am visiting my parents in the grand town of Oconto Falls this August. And we're taking a short 3-day trip up to the UP to go to Mackinac Island and SINCE we're going to be up there, I've convinced them we need to head up for a day in Munising to see the rocks and the waterfalls. I told my mom that the great Happy Villian greatly expounds on the beauty of Munising so we had to visit it since we'll only be a few hours from there anyway.

I shall endeavor to take many wonderful pictures of the area and we're going to even stop at Seguin's in Marinette! Score!!

Anonymous said...

One last comment, I promise!! As for Manitowoc - you're closer in pronounciation than B.E. is. My aunt and uncle live in Two Rivers which is right next to Manitowoc. It's pronounce MAN-uh-toe-wock. Or something close to that spelling. Not sure how to spell the sound of the I after MAN. Hm. Check out the Miss Pronouncer website It's great for All Things Wisconsin!