Saturday, June 24, 2006

Monday, June 19

Our unexpected extra day in Michigan was wonderful. We started out driving all around Escanaba, grabbed some donuts for the road for breakfast, and then resumed our route home.

We stopped everywhere our curiosity beckoned since we were in no hurry, and it was a wonderful drive.

Marina Park in Menominee was really cool. It was a gorgeous day in the 70s, with clouds and sun in the sky, so we hung out at the pier watching people fish for a while.

I parked myself by a group of kids fishing. One of the boys was really friendly and he talked to me the entire time. When he caught a red-eared sunfish in the marina, he proudly held it up for us to take a picture before he threw it back in.

Proud fisherboy in Menominee

B.E. went farther out onto the pier and took photos of the grownups. They didn't interest me. The looked kinda somber.

Somber Menominee fisherman

We drove around Menominee looking for the lighthouse, and finally located it after getting a little lost. It was a nice pier and there were many other folks fishing and enjoying the walk.

Menominee lighthouse with B.E.
beneath the harbor light

As we stood on the pier, we could see clouds over Lake Michigan and the squalls they created.

Squalls over Lake Michigan

Once we were back on the road, we stopped at Seguin's for some yummy cheese and found out the correct pronunciation of their name. It's something my coworkers and I have struggled with for a long time, tossing about the possibility of it being suh-GWIN, suh-GEEN, suh-GIN, etc. Well, the correct pronunciation is SEE-gwin. Hmmpf. I never would've guessed.

We also stopped in Peshtigo to see the Peshtigo Fire Museum. What an incredible collection of historic artifacts! It was quite fascinating. And the adjacent graveyard with plaques listing stories of how people died made me cry, so we hustled out of there with relative speed.

Old baseball uniform at the Peshtigo Fire Museum

It had been raining in Oconto when we arrived, so eating Hardee's on the river picnic table was not an option. We bucked tradition and opted for a Subway sandwich in the car, parked at the Oconto river campground, which was quite nice.

The last sidetrip on our ride home was to Manitowoc. I've always pronounced it MAN-i-toe-ock. However, B.E. kept calling it ma-NEE-toe-wock, which reminded me of X-Men for some reason.

What a cool town! The view at the lighthouse was really beautiful and people were out on their boats everywhere!

Manitowoc Lighthouse and geese

We stayed for quite some time, and I got dirty petting a wet, muddy dog who had been swimming in the lake, but what really sent us on our way was the ominous cloud that had settled over us. While my car really needed a good wash, we didn't really want to be rained-on ourselves.

Ominous cloud over Manitowoc

The rest of the trip was scenic and I was thrilled to be averaging about 40 miles per gallon of gas, as the price hasn't dropped in the slightest for a few weeks now, and I was completely out of money. Next time we teleport!

We drove straight home and arrived sometime around 10 PM, which was just right. It was an awesome vacation and I hope to repeat it very soon.

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