Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lake Superior Circle Tour -- Day 4

It's quite strange how the cheapest motel we stayed in was one of the nicest. The Travelers Motel in Bessemer, Michigan is one I'll return to anytime. Leaving the next morning was not easy, but we did have to go.

From Bessemer, we drove north to a beach called Little Girl Point, which is heaven for rock hounds like us. The temperature was somewhere in the 80s and the sun was so bright that the conditions actually drew others to the beach. It's hard to believe the gorgeous beaches all along Lake Superior are almost empty on hot summer days. If I lived near here, I'd be here everyday.

Oh, and the rocks! OOOOH!

Much to my surprise, Boyfriend Extraordinaire even waded into the water, but it was only after I'd been in for quite some time, talking about all the minnows I could see swimming all around my legs that he finally decided to check out the water. Sure enough, he spent the whole time following the fishies.

When the bugs had irritated me to the point of a near breakdown, we left for Ashland, Wisconsin.
It seemed the entire town of Ashland was covered in mayflies -- it was disgusting. We had to sweep the car and doors each time we wanted to enter somewhere, and it didn't get any less gross the longer we were there.

When we first arrived into town, we passed a wagon that sold "Indian Tacos" and frybread. Instantly we were intrigued. We bought some fry bread (delicious!) and somehow the owner of the cart felt friendly enough to share with us the political controversy involving his harmless mobile food selling vehicle and the owner of the local Subway who fought to have him removed from adjacent property. We were sucked into the story and vowed not to eat at the Subway. Despite the politics, if you ever get a chance to try fry bread or Indian Tacos, do so!

Dinner was fabulous at the Deep Water Grille.

That night B.E. had control of the television and he forced me to watch one of the most nauseating and awful movies I've ever seen, The Born Losers. How I managed to stay up until 2 am waiting for that movie to get good (which never happened), I'll never know. From that point on, B.E.'s television choices were scrutinized, and I often tried to commandeer the remote before he could. Jeeze, what a horrible experience!

We slept well, if not enough that night.

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