Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lake Superior Circle Tour -- Day 2

The second day of the Circle Tour started early, after a disappointing discovery that the Munising Bakery was closed. We drove to Marquette for breakfast and then paid a visit to Presque Isle Park, which is always gorgeous. The rocky cliffs in Marquette are fairly typical of most of the shore around the lake, dramatic, dangerous and high.

I don't know why this sign made me laugh so much. All I could think was that there must be a rash of dwarf badminton teams taking over the tennis courts.

Our destination was Bruce Crossing, Michigan, and on the way there we stopped at Agate Falls just west of Trout Creek. The falls themselves are visible only from two areas: a trail high above the falls and a trestle high above the trail above the falls. I took the road more traveled while Boyfriend Extraordinaire took the road less traveled. This was my view of Agate Falls from the trail.

This was my view of the trestle where B.E. was looking down at the falls. There was no way I was going up there!

After checking in at our motel in Bruce Crossing, we headed straight for Bond Falls, which was spectacular.

There's a platform that leads around the bottom of the falls, over the water to an island, then across the rest of the water to the other side of the falls. In addition to the island in the middle that splits the water at the base in half, there are rock outcrops at the precipice that divide the falls in half. It easily became one of my favorite waterfalls.

The far side of the falls was my favorite.

Due to the drought, the water was low and the rocks were highly visible, exposing the vegetation and moss.

Again, it's the strangest things that amuse me.

From a different trail, we walked along the river at the top of the falls, where many smaller falls were just as nice to visit.

From there we ate at one of the two restaurants in town and then headed to Paulding, Michigan to see the mysterious and legendary Paulding Light.

I'm not going to perpetuate or ruin the rumors of the only tourist attraction this town has going for it, but suffice it to say that the waterfalls were far more interesting to me.

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